After working for more than 20 years for a leading company in the aerosol field, in 1982 Mr. Elsi decided he wanted more than regular machines, he wanted to step forward, he wanted to create something innovative, new, flexible. That moment Cosmar was born.

Today, thanks to the new generation, Cosmar is constantly evolving & improving itself. A successful team is bringing up new ideas & new technologies, that’s why the company is a leading provider of aerosol filling lines, boasting customers all over the world.

Our product range includes semi-automatic machines for small scale production and also fully automatic lines. Every line, every single layout, they are designed to meet customer`s exact requirements, offering increased safety, high flexibility and reliability. They are supplied with all the safety devices required by accident prevention regulations currently in force. Merging innovation and technology, we cultivate a vast body of knowledge in this domain, providing our customers with advanced solutions and expert counsel that allow them to face their challenges and achieve their most ambitious business goals.

We create tailored solutions that are targeted to business excellence. Technical support is our specialty and we are very passionate about it. Our highly trained skilled, technical experts are always available when the customer needs assistance and over 80% of all assistance calls are resolved on first contact. This significantly reduces time and productivity loss.